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Health care in india stagnated for decades
Posted Date: 11/10/2011 9:23:00 PM

India''s performance in the healthcare is sub-par when compared to developing countries, and the Health Ministry is not seen as an important portfolio in the country, a top official of the Centre for Policy Research said. According to Bibek Debroy, Professor, Centre for Policy Research the country has fallen short of the goals set out in the Eleventh Five Year Plan as well as its Millennium Development Goals. "With healthcare reforms not having been implemented, healthcare has stagnated for decades," Debroy said in a whitepaper titled ''The Indian Health Sector ? Providing Choice, Competition, Efficiency and Finance'' authored by him. "This is primarily because the Health Ministry has not been perceived as an important portfolio and lip service apart, nor is Healthcare considered a crucial agenda in the government''s scheme of things," he said. For more information visit:

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